Picture Gallery

We're very pleased with the standard of all of the families that have taken on the commitment to love and cherish one of our puppies.

We encourage all the families to keep in touch and we love receiving photos that are sent in.

If you have a Bloomway bulldog we would love to hear from you!

These are just a few of the photos that we have received.

This is Benson who lives in Warrington with Wayne & Jean who love him to pieces.  Benson is Blossom's full litter brother and Fudge is his mum.




This is another picture of Benson and his friends Harry & Paris.



images/stories/alfie moon.jpg Here's Benson & Blossom's litter brother Alfie Moon who lives with Rebecca & Matt. 

 The next bulldog to feature on our gallery is Skye. 

She was born in May 2008 and is Blossom's daughter.  She lives with a wonderful family.


 images/stories/bruno.jpg  This is Bruno, he is Skye's full litter brother and Blossom's son.  Again, he has been fortunate in finding a loving family to live with.

 The next dog to feature on our gallery is Bloomway Percy Pig - MONTY.

Monty is our Dolly's full litter brother and is a repeat mating of Blossom's first litter which produced Bruno & Skye.

Not a day goes by that hubby doesn't berate me for not letting him keep Monty.

 monty puppy.jpg
monty posing.jpg  

Monty lives with Grant & Jay and we're fortunate that we get to see him