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Bloomway Dolly Mixture was born on 25th May 2009.


She is very placid and sweet tempered just like her mum, Blossom (Bloomway Candy Bloss).

We had hoped to show Dolly and we did take her to ringcraft classes.  However, Dolly is scared of her own shadow and wasn't happy with all the attention.

She's much happier being sat at home being the centre of attention, and complaining if you store the mop bucket somewhere different, if you introduce a new piece of furniture in the house or if you alter the routine slightly.

Yes, she's the biggest wuss bulldog ever.  However, she is the most loving dog and is great company.

As she prefers the company of people to dogs she now lives my friend and is spoilt rotten.  She lives 5mins away from me so I can see her as often as I like which is great and she's loads happier now she's in a household as the only dog.